Two Sandwich men are facing charges after they allegedly drove a car on the Sandwich High School fields, causing damage.

Police were initially called to the Riverview School on Route 6A at 10:08 PM on Friday, September 21, after someone reported seeing a suspicious vehicle in the area. When police arrived, the vehicle was gone.

A short time later, police received a report that a vehicle had been abandoned at the high school.

While searching the area, police found two men walking along Quaker Meetinghouse Road, one of whom is the registered owner of the car that had been found on the field.

Police identified the men as Brandon R. Carver, 18, of East Sandwich and Richard C. Rigonan Jr., 21, of East Sandwich. Mr. Rigonan is the owner of the car.

Both men were arrested and charged with two counts each of destroying school grounds and wantonly injuring real or personal injury.

While being booked, Mr. Rigonan claimed that his car had been stolen and that he was not responsible for the damage done to the school property. He filled out a vehicle theft report.

However, Mr. Carver told police that they were in the car and caused the damage. Mr. Rigonan was made aware of Mr. Carver’s statement, but signed the theft form anyway.

Mr. Rigonan received an additional charge of filing a false report of motor vehicle theft.

At 2:23 the following morning, Mr. Carver made bail and was picked up by his father. After he left the station, he proceeded to begin yelling and screaming in the parking lot.

Police said that the behavior was causing passing motorists to slow down to observe what was happening.

He was taken back into police custody and charged with disorderly conduct.

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