Sandwich Police Station Roof

The roof of the old Sandwich Police Station is in need of repair.

An organization that provides food, clothing and outreach services to military veterans in need has received a $10,000 grant that will put a roof over its new base of operation in Sandwich.

Cape Cod Military Support Foundation, which is currently housed on Joint Base Cape Cod, will soon be moving into the old Sandwich Police Station on Route 6A. But before the organization moves in, the building needs a new roof.

On Saturday, November 13, representatives of Big Nick’s Ride for the Cape Cod Fallen presented foundation president Don Cox with a check for $10,000 to cover the repairs.

“Big Nick’s Ride and the Xiarhos Gold Star Family know that one of the dreams of our good friend Don Cox and the Cape Cod Military Foundation is to create a beautiful Empowerment Center for all Veterans and Military Families and provide fresh food, clothing, medicines, and more at the old Sandwich Police Station on Route 6A in Sandwich,” State Representative Steven G. Xiarhos said in a press release. “Don’s dream all starts with that new roof.”

In February the town posted a bid to invite tenants interested in leasing the building, but had included very specific language to draw military groups.

The posting stated that military family and veterans support programs would be “consistent with adjacent land uses and...could benefit the community.”

Use of the building is temporary, per the posting, but can be used to provide food, clothing and outreach services for veterans in need in Barnstable and Plymouth counties.

At the time the bid was posted, assistant town manager Heather B. Harper said that the town did design the posting with the Cape Cod Military Support Foundation in mind, but similar groups were also welcome to bid on the building.

Bidding closed by the end of February and use of the building was awarded to the foundation.

The building had previously been the headquarters for the Sandwich police before the department moved into the public safety complex at the intersection of Quaker Meetinghouse and Cotuit roads in summer 2019.

While the structure of the building is sound, several issues with the building were raised at the time.

The building was constructed on marshland, and the parking lot and parts of the structure show signs of sinking into that wetland. There are cracks in the building and areas where the concrete has started to pull away from the walls.

During the course of the pandemic, the Cape Cod Military Support Foundation has been using the property’s parking lot to distribute food, jackets and other necessities to area veterans.

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