A Freedom Road resident was saved from being scammed out of money by a Walgreens employee who told her to call the police when she attempted to buy a number of prepaid gift cards.

The resident contacted police at 5:47 PM on Tuesday, March 23.

She told police that she had received an email confirming a Best Buy order that she did not make. When she called the number on the email to dispute the purchase, the person on the other end asked for her bank account information, which she gave him.

The person on the other end of line said that he had accidentally deposited too much money into the account and told her that she would need to repay him using prepaid gift cards.

As the woman was buying the cards at a local Walgreens, the employee suggested that this was a scam and told the woman to call police, which she did.

The man claiming to be from Best Buy’s customer service department was not happy with this development and threatened to drain her bank account. However, when an officer picked up the phone and identified himself, the man hung up.

The woman did not lose any money as a result of the incident.

Police said that no legitimate company will request payments using prepaid gift cards.

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