Mary E. (Blanchard) Wagner of East Sandwich, who had owned Mary’s Bookstore for more than two decades, died June 29 at the age of 87.

She was the wife of Edward R. Wagner, who died in January.

After she and her husband moved to East Sandwich in 1992, to spend their retirement, Ms. Wagner founded the bookstore in a portion of their living quarters on Route 6A. She opened the store “because I love books,” Ms. Wagner said in a 1999 interview with the Enterprise.

She operated Mary’s Bookstore for 26 years.

Although she admitted that “You can’t really make a living doing this,” Ms. Wagner loved sharing her knowledge of books with her customers and said, “There’s nothing better than having someone come back to tell me how much they loved a book that I had recommended to them.”

She also favored the opportunity to offer the independent books that rarely make it to the shelves of the megastores: “If the small bookstore disappeared, how would these authors get their work out there?” she asked.

Before she moved to the Cape, Ms. Wagner spent many years working in bookstores.

In 2004 the Sandwich Republican Town Committee recognized Ms. Wagner with its first Republican of the Year Award. During the presentation the committee noted that over the years, Ms. Wagner had been a staunch supporter and committee member; contributed her time and resources to every committee event; and allowed Republican candidates to place their signs on her property for many years.

She leaves two sons, Edward W. Wagner of Boston and Michael Wagner of Troy, New York; two daughters, Eileen Wagner of Boston and Teresa Wagner of Troy, New York; five grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and extended family.

A funeral service will be celebrated Tuesday, July 9, at 11 AM at Corpus Christi Church, 324 Quaker Meetinghouse Road in East Sandwich.

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