I hope that the owners of Tree House would invite people on Town Neck over and answer questions.

I myself wonder where 500-plus patrons will park. I am assuming there 17 spaces are not enough. Will beach parking spaces be taken?

Is it true Tree House is opening in South Deerfield on 45 acres of land? How many acres are at the Sandwich site?

Has there been a traffic study? How many additional cars will be on Town Neck Road each day?

Has Tree House sought input from residents? Will bright lights be shining on residents’ homes?

Will patrons park on narrow residential streets? Will there be a trolley and where will patrons be picked up?

Will residents have several weeks to review the parking plan? Will the town hold a public hearing on the residents’ concerns?

Unless there is a plan that we are not aware of, this is going to be a disaster for Town Neck residents and people who want to go to either beach.

Tom and Maureen Bowe

Dillingham Avenue


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