An employee here at the Enterprise lost her partner to cancer on September 21.

It was a sudden and shocking loss. Many in the newsroom were unaware that Pat was sick until they heard the news of her death.

Should we send flowers? This was a big topic of conversation in the newsroom.

Flowers are lovely, but they don’t last. And anyway, she is probably being inundated with condolence bouquets.

Someone noted that the employee is an avid gardener. Should we send a flowering shrub or a tree that she could plant? Many liked that idea until someone wondered what would happen if she ever sold the house. The tree or shrub would have to be left behind. How sad.

Finally, someone suggested we look into the town’s Plant A Tree program.

We contacted the chairman of the Sandwich Tree & Landscape Advisory Committee, Jeanne Maclaren, to learn more.

Ms. Maclaren told us the program was pretty straightforward: we could pick a tree and a spot on town-owned land where we wanted it planted, write a check and that was that.

Everyone here at the Enterprise was onboard with the idea, so we took up a collection.

But what kind of tree and where to put it? The options were so plentiful.

We ended up calling Sandwich Tree Warden Craig Geddis for some advice. We discussed several types of trees, from compact spring-flowering varieties to others that would grow into great, majestic shade trees. We also kicked around a few locations, such as the small park at the corner of Jarves and Factory streets (too shady), or even a spot along Main Street (too congested).

We finally settled on what we thought was the perfect combination.

So this spring, the town will plant a copper beech tree in front of what will be Sandwich’s new town hall at the corner of Route 6A and Tupper Road bearing a plaque in memory of Pat.

The tree will start off small, but with the proper care, the stately copper beech can grow to 100 feet tall.

What a lovely way for Pat to live on in the community she called home.

To learn more about Sandwich Plant A Tree program, send an email to

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