A small group of well-dressed residents gathered last Thursday afternoon on the brick patio outside The Dunbar House Tea Room in Sandwich Village.

In their midst stood a slender seven-foot-tall object shrouded in a green cloth.

After introductions were made and speeches given, the cloth was pulled aside to reveal what everyone was there to see: Sandwich’s newest public art display.

Amid the applauding spectators stood an obelisk covered on all four sides—top to bottom—with chunks, lumps and shards of glass. Glass of every color and conceivable shape. While the obelisk is brand-new, much of the glass it’s made of is quite old, dating back to Sandwich’s glass-making heyday of the mid-to-late-1800s, when the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company produced some of the most sought-after glassware of its time.

Commissioned by the Glass Town Cultural District Steering Committee, the piece was created by East Sandwich artist Michael Magyar, who is responsible for all the holiday metal and light “giant” sculptures in town.

The design is a delight. It is a nod to the town’s history with a modern flair. The obelisk is lit from within by solar-powered lights.

Once it is installed in its final location across the road near the Grist Mill (once the dying tree there is removed later this year), it will be quite a sight to behold during the day, and most especially when all lit up at night.

It is scheduled to be displayed in that spot for three years. After that time, it will be auctioned off and the money used to pay for a new piece of art for that same spot.

We cheer this endeavor of the Glass Town committee. They had a vision and saw it through to its fruition, in the midst of a pandemic, no less.

It is a welcome addition to the village center. And the fact that it will be a self-sustaining, rotating display makes it all the better.

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