You don’t know me, but we are very much alike.

I’ve been there and yes, it is truly hell where you are existing.

You love your child, you tried your best, and you raised such a good person. You took them to church, watched them play sports and had those family dinners you heard were so important.

You never thought you’d need to keep Narcan in your house to revive them when you found them blue and lifeless on your bathroom floor. You couldn’t have imagined you’d grow accustomed to any of the horrors, now so commonplace in your life. Never anticipated wishing they’d be arrested so you could get one good night’s sleep or praying for it all to be over, so they would have an end to their pain, and yours as well. Double digit overdoses, 40-plus entries into treatment, and hundreds of sleepless nights later; I never imagined it either.

I want to tell you to hang in there. Just as you could never predict all the pain, you can’t envision the joy of recovery. As my beautiful girl celebrates 24 months free of heroin; I celebrate the gift of two extra years I never thought I’d have with her.

Recovery happens. Believe it. It’s possible. Hang on to that.

I know you, and we are very much alike.

With Love,

Maureen Cavanagh

Author and addiction task force member Maureen Cavanagh is the founder of the Magnolia New Beginnings organization.

Maureen Cavanagh is a national public speaker on the parent perspective of addiction and is the author of “If You Love Me: A Mother’s Journey Through Her Daughter’s Addiction and Recovery”.

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