This week, we wrapped up the sixth year of Winter Soup Lunches at First Church. It was a remarkable season. When the pandemic blocked us from our usual café-style gathering in the church basement, our trusty volunteers took it outside. The result was an amazing bagged lunch drive-thru. By the end, more than 1,300 lunches were served. None of it would have been possible without the hard work and generosity of our hard-working crew of “souper-women” and “souper-men,” Every dessert and soup was created, donated and served by the members of First Church and our wonderful community. To all of you, we offer a heartfelt thanks for your tireless dedication. We want to thank Stop & Shop, their manager Jeff Cobac and their front-end manager, Chris, for generously donating all the bread and bottled water we needed, and for the ladies in the bakery, Karen and Megyn, who cut up hundreds of servings of bread every week. Lastly, thanks to our friends Bob King and Tobin Wirt at Café Chew for their unsolicited but very much appreciated donation of some unbelievably delicious soup.

Six years ago, this began as a ministry entirely made up of First Church members, but as time has gone on, people in the local community have stepped forward to be part of it. It happened again this year. It has been such a blessing to witness its transformation to a truly community-wide effort. It is also a blessing that so many of you have supported us by coming for soup each week and taking it home to friends and neighbors. Your continued presence gives us incredible joy. Without you, there would be no reason to take this on and all of us would miss the chance to experience the warmth and caring that is a hallmark of this community.

We will always be committed to making this a free event but even so, you have been incredibly generous with your monetary donations. This year, because of your generosity, we have been able to make substantial contributions to the Sandwich Food Pantry and to the many programs of the Cape Cod Council of Churches.

To all, a heartfelt thank you. See you next January.

Reverend Tina Walker-Morin

Senior minister

First Church Sandwich

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