Editing a weekly paper for a town as busy and interesting as Sandwich means continually selecting which news stories, features and other text pieces merit inclusion in that Friday’s paper. Then we must decide how much space to give the headlines, leads and content paragraphs of each story.

There is never enough room on each page and never enough pages in each paper to get in all the words and ideas we plan or wish to include.

And then there are the photos and captions, which are often too few or too small in our print editions in spite of our best efforts.

(Also, we should mention the challenge of choosing just the right photo or two from the dozens that come from a single photo shoot.)

From pinpoint portraits to panoramic scenics, photos can tell the story of a town as well as—and sometimes much better than—words alone. While text often attempts to capture the movement of life in action, a photo arrests time and the viewer’s attention on a single moment with a single focal point. Some of the best photos are complete stories in themselves.

In our case, credit for such impressive images goes to our intrepid staff photographer Gene Marchand (whom we’ve dubbed “the talented camera”), our reporters and a small group of freelancers and regular contributors.

To see more of the photos we didn’t have room to include in our print editions (along with those we did), take a look at the stories as they appear on Capenews.net as well as our weekly Photo Gallery at www.capenews.net/photography. Most of the photos are also available for purchase.

You won’t be disappointed.

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