Article 1 on the warrant for the October 28 Special Town Meeting addresses the initiative proposed by the Sandwich Council On Aging to build a center for active living, and a plan by the trustees and director of the Sandwich Public Library to extensively renovate the library (within the confines of its historic location).

It is no surprise that the main concern of many residents is the cost, and the effect of these projects on taxes. These projects will not affect taxes. They will instead be paid for through a bond.

One of the major responsibilities of governments at every level is to provide for the needs of its citizenry, which they are unable to provide for themselves, such as schools, roads, fire and police.

The council on aging and the Sandwich library are two such needs.

The existing council on aging structure is unable to provide for the needs of Sandwich seniors. Our seniors now have to go to outside facilities to participate in many council activities. And it will only get worse. The “seniors” demographic continues to grow faster than other age groups. And there are already more seniors on the Cape than elsewhere on the state.

The library proposal is equally compelling. Of the 376 public libraries in the state, only 25 have not undergone a major renovation since the late 1980s, and Sandwich is one of them. The need is immense. Not only does our library provide the traditional services of a library, it has become a center for learning for all residents of the town. It hosts new programs and activities, and is a much-used meeting place.

If experience is any guide, if such proposals are put off they become more and more expensive. It makes good fiscal sense to attend to them now. If we do not, these structures will eventually become run down and dilapidated like the Wing School. These are valuable town assets and need to be properly maintained.

Please attend the Special Town Meeting to be held at the high school on October 28 at 7 PM and vote to endorse Article 1.

Lou F. Cerrone

Popple Bottom Road


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