I want to endorse Steven G. Xiarhos as the best choice for state representative of the 5th Barnstable District in Massachusetts. I first met Steve through the Big Nick’s ride for the Fallen in which my dad and I rode our motorcycles. This is an annual charity event held in honor of Steve’s son, former US Marine Nick Xiarhos, and other fallen heroes. This first involvement led to a deeper desire on my part to honor those who have fought and are still guarding our freedom. Who to call to make this a reality but Steve?

Steve was quick to respond. He was deputy chief of police in Yarmouth at the time and invited me to his office to talk about running the Falmouth Road Race. There he spoke to me about his love for Gold Star families and giving to the community. After we talked for a while, he thanked me and welcomed me into the Team Big Nick Running Group. As a result last summer our group, led by a smiling Steve holding the Stars and Stripes, ran the seven-mile race in honor of Big Nick.

So Steve has become a good friend whose values I admire. But speaking objectively, I also think he is the best choice for Massachusetts state representative. I am part of the Hoxie family of Sandwich whose roots run deep. I have 38 years of service in the medical field and am currently with hospice. I say that not to boast but to give evidence I care very much what happens to Cape Cod and to our wonderful people. Steve is a kindred spirit in that concern.

Steve has and will continue to work hard for all the people who make Cape Cod a great place to live. The elderly, hospital workers, first responders, veterans and essential workers will all find what I found: a friend and the strong voice of a seasoned advocate for the betterment of all.

I have witnessed this honest, hardworking, dependable pillar of our community reach out daily to the people of Cape Cod and beyond. I encourage my Cape Cod friends to take a look at Steve’s credentials and track record and vote for him in the upcoming state primary election.

Laurel Gage Almquist

Beach Road

East Sandwich

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