When Susan Moran was elected to the state Senate in May to fill an unexpired term, I was curious how much she would accomplish prior to the upcoming election. The answer is, a lot.

Ms. Moran hit the ground running, based on two important reasons. She brought to the Legislature an in-depth knowledge of this region, having served in a number of local and regional government positions, which required her to learn, advocate for, and act upon critical issues relating to the environment, job creation, eviction protections, education and pandemic health care. Second, she joined the Legislature as a member of the majority party. This gave her access to leadership and got her into the room and at the table where budgetary and policy decisions are made. She made the most of the opportunity.

The results are clear: $5 million for grants supporting ocean-related jobs and restoration of the fishing industry; $350 million for much-needed road and bridge repair in the district; $500,000 for technology upgrades in district schools.

Looking forward, Senator Moran will prioritize the safe reopening of the Cape’s economy. She will support first responders during this ongoing pandemic. She will focus on anti-eviction, homelessness and foreclosure. She will continue to work with the entire legislative delegation to advance issues critical to the canal region.

To me the choice is clear. A senator with Susan Moran’s credentials, knowledge and energy, or her opponent, a Trumpian, no-government-is-good-government. The choice is clear. Please vote for Senator Susan Moran.

Paul E. Houlihan

June Lane East Sandwich

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