Voters in the Town of Sandwich will have an important opportunity to vote “Yes” on Article 1 at a Special Town Meeting on Monday, October 28. The Special Town Meeting will be held at the Sandwich High School at 7 PM. Transportation to and from the meeting can be arranged by contacting the Council on Aging at 508-888-4737.

A “Yes” vote on Article 1 will authorize the town to move forward with library renovations; and, authorize the construction of a Center for Active Living to replace the existing outdated and inadequate senior center. These improvements to the town’s infrastructure will improve our quality of life; and make Sandwich an even more desirable place to live, thereby enhancing our property values.

Some have said that our existing library is “functionally obsolete.” It may be as it is now. However, approval of the renovations proposed for the library would serve to make it technologically relevant and preserve its status as the heart of Sandwich.

The existing senior center is undeniably “functionally obsolete.” The Council on Aging board foresaw the inevitable need for a more suitable facility to serve our older population 14 years ago. It was in 2005 that an architect was first commissioned to draft a schematic plan for a new center. Over the passing years, construction costs have risen, and they will continue to do so. Our population is aging and will continue to do so. The Center for Active Living will improve opportunities for our residents to age in place by providing vital programs and services to help them weather the changes and challenges that they will inevitably face.

We are on the cusp of bringing these two much-needed and long-awaited improvements to our town. These needs will not go away and, in fact, as time passes, they will increase as will the cost. Even the opponents of Article 1 have acknowledged the need for a better center to serve our residents, 39 percent of whom will be 60 years or older within five years. Voting “Yes” to move these two projects forward now will not increase our taxes. We should not pass up the opportunities that approval of Article 1 will provide.

Please attend the Special Town Meeting on October 28 and vote “Yes” on Article 1.

Patricia Collins

Golf Link Circle


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