We have been debating for years how to best use the open town land for commercial or other development, such as the parcel on Route 130/Cotuit Road and the prime land that abuts the marina.

As we all know Sandwich—and the Cape in general—is losing young people. The number one reason is that there is no year-round housing for the 22- to 35-year-old cohort. If you live off Cape, you can find an apartment that will lease to you for 12 months. Not so here. You can get seasonal housing in winter, but then you have to do the summer shuffle.

I propose that we look at the town land for development of apartments and townhouses that would be suitable for young people (the reverse of 55-plus communities). The two prime parcels noted above would be very attractive locations as they provide access to recreation facilities (Oak Crest or the canal), as well as entertainment/restaurants within walking or biking distance.

With the town providing the land and using CPA funds for the infrastructure, we could make these sites very attractive for multi-unit apartment housing developers.

Let’s “Make Sandwich Younger Again.”

James F. Crowley

Tarragon Drive

East Sandwich

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I love this idea, except it shouldn't be subsidized with tax dollars. We need to build these small, functional, convenient, and market priced. This way the owners can sell them and expect a rate of return that lets them move up as their life situation changes.

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