Making the right decision on who replaces Randy Hunt as our state representative in the 5th Barnstable District is not an easy choice for some. However, given Mr. Hunt’s record of honesty and dignity, the choice is clear to this concerned Citizen of Sandwich.

I believe that should Steve Xiarhos be elected that he will continue this impeccable record at this position. Mr. Xiarhos’s commitment to the seniors, to the disabled, to the sportsmen of our district that hunt and fish, and especially those veterans who have served our country in need will be given his full attention to details.

Steve will continue the mission to fight the opioid epidemic in our state and here on Cape Cod. He will push for the state to fund currently underfunded mandates, including charter and public school funding. He advocates that he will work with the federal, state and local officials to make sure both bridges are properly maintained and when replaced to remain toll-free. Steve has made a promise to work diligently and hard to make the 5th Barnstable District a better place to live and work for all citizens inside this district.

He will treat and respect every citizen equally no matter your skin color or religious followings. Mr. Xiarhos as a patriot supports our Constitution and all of its rights that protects all citizens equally. Steve also supports animal rights and has taught classes against animal cruelty. He will work towards upgrading the present problems forced upon us by the coronavirus for all business owners and its citizens. As a concerned citizen of Sandwich, I urge my fellow citizens to elect the best choice in the 5th Barnstable state representative position, Steve Xiarhos as our next state representative. Peace and prayers.

Carl A. Johansen

Oxford Road East Sandwich

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