As a traditional fiscally minded group, the Sandwich Republican Town Committee opposes the Warrant Article for the Active Living Facility and Library Renovations as has been presented by the Sandwich Board of Selectmen. We do not dispute the request that the seniors need or deserve a functional, accessible meeting space and agree that our seniors needs have been dismissed for many years. Additionally, we believe it is unwise to spend millions to renovate the library, since it is a facility which is functionally obsolete. We do not believe these proposals are revenue neutral to the taxpayers and will ultimately financially harm the very group they are trying to service. In short, these proposals are based on revenue which is not guaranteed.

We are disappointed that our Sandwich town government leaders have unilaterally decided how to spend much of this $50+ million we are projected to receive from SIP (formerly NRG) over the next 2 ½ decades. They appear to have done so without a single dissenting opinion or additional offering of ideas by any member of the Board of Selectmen. Since the purchase of a new building for town government, they cannot spend our future tax receipts fast enough as they attempt to convince their constituents that it will not cost them anything. This equates to the average taxpayer receiving a raise at work while your health insurance premiums go up by the same amount, and your employer tries to convince you that your premiums didn’t really increase.

As a reminder, the taxpayers are in the early years of paying for the new public safety complex which is costing homeowners an additional $92 a year for an average home valued at $364,000. In addition, the taxpayers have graciously voted to spend $113 a year for the Wastewater Funding Plan, based on an average home valued at $394,000.

The Sandwich Republican Town Committee is not without its own ideas on how to best serve our community in a fiscally responsible manner and we offer the following suggestions:

1) We propose you give the taxpayers a tax reduction to offset the value of the Public Safety Complex and Wastewater Funding

2) Put forth a tax-reduction package for senior citizens outside what is provided under the Elderly Clause 41

3) Sell property and use the proceeds to invest in new property

Andrea Killion


Sandwich Republican

Town Committee

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Obsolete library! Explain how the library is obsolete to the 200 or so people who come to the library every day to read books, borrow DVDs, to study, to learn, for help getting the hang of their Kindle, for a chance to browse, for a program of interest, to attend readings, to convene for meetings, or just a nice place to read the newspaper. In what way is a building obsolete after all the great physical upgrades and improvements the town has invested in the facility. What's obsolete? Obsolete is thinking that libraries are obsolete! In this digital age, our library is front and center with ebooks and online services. So I say, obsolete my foot! Let's renovate our library. Who says we can't have a Tech Zone and an Archives! Not to mention a better Children's Room, sunnier places to learn and study, more plugs, and even a coffee machine. Let's not let obsolete thinking get in the way of providing Sandwich with the services it needs. I urge you to support Article 1, support a new community center for active living, and to support our library.


It also would be nice if every one knows how many citizens are part of this group and how many actually voted. It has been related to me that less then a handful of citizens belong to this organization and less than that actually voted to not approve the use of the Power Plant money for these two long term planed capitol,need projects. We need a little transparency in this type of commentary as in to actually see who and what may well be a small number of citizens that got together to counter all of those who are for using this money as planed . These folks are transparent in a way that will aid our town move forward, not backwards . Peace

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