There is a citizen’s petition from Sustainable Practices (Article 9) on the Warrant for Town Meeting this Saturday that asks for Sandwich residents to ban the sale of all single-use water in plastic bottles up to one gallon.

This means our markets, pharmacies, mini-marts, packaging stores and some restaurants will no longer be able to sell single-use water bottles to customers. This will affect the business base of these establishments negatively, not to mention that those who desire to purchase single-use water bottles will not be able to do so in our town. This ban also carries hefty fines for any business that does sell single-use water bottles in town after a certain date.

I think about tourists walking around our town who get thirsty and are unable to buy water to drink, thus hurting tourism. Also, many of us have well water and choose to drink bottled water, sometimes out of necessity. We should have the ability to buy water in single-use bottles if we so choose.

I have spoken to one popular water company whose products are widely sold everywhere, and they have informed me that their water bottles have far less plastic in them than soda and other sugary drinks. So, this begs the question: Why isn’t Sustainable Practices going after the soda industry, whose bottles contain far more polyethylene terephthalate (PET) than single-use water bottles?

Please consider attending Town Meeting this Saturday and vote against Article 9, which grossly infringes on the rights of both businesses and citizens of Sandwich.

Kathleen K. Barrett

Popple Bottom Road


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