Regarding Andrea Killion’s letter of October 11 and the Republican Town Committee’s assessment of the $16 million cost of the proposed senior center—yes, it is too expensive, and there was no outside input into the design and what should or should not be included in the complex. I am reminded of the original plans arbitrarily presented by Sandwich officials in 2013 for a police/fire complex with a $30 million take-it-or-leave-it price tag. That proposal was soundly rejected and passage didn’t occur until the cost of the project was greatly reduced.

Officials in this town seem to think the PILOT revenue from the canal power plant is an endless river of money that must be spent right away or it will dry up. They grabbed enough money to get their Santa’s list town office/Santander Bank deal done, and now we are expected to believe nothing for seniors can be built for less than $16 million. Meanwhile, the town still faces enormous future expenses for coastline protection, sand acquisition/transportation and creek dredging, to say nothing of a future wastewater treatment facility, and who knows what else taxpayers will be required to fund.

Go back to the drawing board and come up with a scaled-back plan for a facility that doesn’t all but guarantee more overrides, debt exclusions, or new surcharges on already overburdened homeowners later on. Does Sandwich need a senior center? Absolutely yes—but not at the price voters will be asked to approve on October 28.

And if you do attend the Special Town Meeting, be sure to stay until the end because strange things are known to happen if you don’t...

Ronald B. Held

Old County Road

East Sandwich

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It should be noted that the town has been working on this project for many months and it has been sitting in the closet as a capitol needs project for many years. It now has been brought out into the daylight after getting approval from the BOS that have honored what they told the tax payers at the last Town meeting when we the tax payers approved a new town hall and re purposing the bank building of 6a for town offices[A great idea] and also a workable one as well. The ground work has been done after plenty of informal meetings and discussions over these past 6 months and now we find a few who would like to imprint there ideas upon the project that has the blessing of those who will use it the seniors in our town [that will include myself and my wife ] We are looking towards the future and the future is now , so perhaps had some decided to jump of the train earlier, instead of waiting to the end of the ride things might have gone differently . This will only pass if all of the seniors come out and support it , for they have there own destiny in there vote at town meeting . So time will tell Peace

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