Shame on you for allowing Heritage Museums & Gardens to operate its “small-scale outdoor recreational facility.” Kudos to you, Mr. DiPersio and neighbors, for trying to preserve the character of your neighborhood. Would this not be an interesting story for a national publication such as People magazine?

Also, the criticism of Mr. DiPersio for not having appeared before the board for other town matters was unfair. Isn’t this the way we operate as citizens? We appear before our town boards only when there is an issue in which we have an interest.

Shame on you, board of selectmen, for your shortsightedness in charging a fee for parking at the lot next to the former Horizons Restaurant. Where is the so-called “magic of our town?” Mr. Sampson. How much of this decision was influenced by past disagreements between the board of selectmen and the owner of the Drunken Seal?

Dale Joanna Seisl


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