A heartfelt thank-you to the Sandwich Enterprise and Sandwich Community TV. Both showed leadership, courage, and a strong sense of service to the Sandwich community in getting behind a new show produced by Sandwich Stands called “Hear Me Out.”

The goal of “Hear Me Out” is to buck the national trend of polarization here in Sandwich, to instead promote, model and encourage civil civic conversations on controversial topics. Our intention is to engage people of different points of view so that each participant is able to express her/his values, experience and concerns, and respectfully listens to the other’s. The purpose of the dialogue isn’t to persuade or convince anyone, but to develop an appreciation and respect for a different point of view. If we’re successful, audience members will leave with a more-accurate, -balanced and -complex understanding of the topic.

This explains the show’s tagline: “Hear Me Out: a show not to change your mind, just to open it.”

Our initial show featured a discussion between SPD Chief Peter Wack and Marie Younger Blackburn of Mashpee as they dove into their experiences with race and policing on Cape Cod. If you missed it, you can find it on SCTV’s website and YouTube channel.

Our conversational format allows us to get personal, to discuss not only policy but also people…their stories and their experiences. Our goal is to turn our attention toward the individuals who are living on a daily basis the issues too many of us argue about without really understanding. In this way we hope to engage a new level of empathy and a deeper level of reflection.

This is a new undertaking for us all, which is why the Enterprise and SCTV deserve special acknowledgement. We look forward to their continued support in creating conversations to bring people in Sandwich together so they can talk, so they can listen, and so they can find solutions to the challenges that confront us.

We hope you’ll stay tuned for the next episode of “Hear Me Out.”

Jeanie Yaroch

Mara Evans

Co-founders, Sandwich Stands

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