I am a resident of Sandwich, go to Sandwich High School, and am concerned about the safety of our Cape Cod community and our planet as a whole. Because I care, I support the Cape Plastic Bottle Ban initiative by Sustainable Practices.

Climate change poses a severe threat to our way of life on Cape Cod, and because I care deeply about preserving the beauty and biodiversity of Cape Cod for younger generations, I am taking a stand against single-use plastic bottles.

Plastic makes up a shocking approximately 80 percent of marine pollution, which is incredibly important considering Cape Cod is a man-made island that still relies heavily on the wellbeing of its bodies of waters and shores. This pollution kills and poisons marine life more and more every year.

Plastic pollution is not only harmful to marine life; plastic itself can cause health issues for humans. Let’s take a plastic bottle of water in a car during the hot Cape summer—the chemicals of the plastic are melted slowly and combine with the water we drink. We, our families, and our friends unknowingly ingest these plastic chemicals out of convenience.

Because I care, I am choosing to protect Cape Cod and its inhabitants by supporting the Cape Plastic Bottle Ban by Sustainable Practices, and I urge you to do the same. We must all band together in order to ensure our collective future, and that of the next generations.

Teddy Biron

Hirsch Road


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