Based on the meals tax collections, the fiscal year data ending in June showed the smallest restaurant trade in Sandwich in the last four years. (See below.) This trade amounted to $48.9 million. In FY 2019, the gross sales were $57.6 million.

Historically, the restaurant sector is one of Sandwich’s strongest sectors. In a past analysis, using employment numbers not meals tax numbers, local restaurants did a very good trade in the summer months. But this pandemic has hurt tourism and hit the restaurants hard. Even the state tax collections are down 13 percent year over year based on the data published by the commonwealth’s Department of Revenue.

The good news is that the Sandwich per capita sales of $2,412 exceeds the state-wide per capita sales of $2,185. If one makes a ratio of these two amounts the number is 1.10. This is called a Pull Factor. A number greater than 1.00 suggest that our restaurants pull in more trade than leaks out.

Sales among the town’s restaurants can grow if tourism expands, our town population grows and if the supply of labor improves.


FY21 – 366,593

FY20 – 404,136

FY19 – 432,005

FY18 – 408,835

Source: Bill Jennings, Sandwich’s finance director/treasurer/tax collector


State sales tax revenue for FY 2020 = 1,105,141,544

State sales tax revenue in 2021 = 959,751,042

The revenues dropped 13 %

State sales tax rate = 6.25 %

State population count by the US Census in 2020 = 7,029,915

Mr. Darling lives on Old County Road in East Sandwich.

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I just noticed my property tax grew...again. I see posts about increased amounts of affordable housing in Sandwich. Folks get upset about new business in town. Where do you see this new revenue coming from?

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