Welcome, Tree House Brewery. Which does not brew anything but problems and decreased property values for those of us that live and pay property taxes in Town Neck.

Please call it what it is, a giant bar room. Possibly one of the largest bar rooms on Cape Cod.

Between the outside beer garden and the indoor taproom it appears to be licensed by the town to be able to serve up to 500 patrons at any one time.

Now in addition to a bar, Tree House has adorable porta potties oceanfront for your viewing pleasure.

Does it get any more scenic than that?

Let’s add the fact that patrons will need someplace to park. The 17 spots currently available will help with that issue. To summarize, a giant bar, no parking, food trucks, tremendous traffic issues and oceanfront porta potties.

Who could ask for anything more?

But wait, a traffic nightmare will be created. How will beer delivery trucks get to and from the bar? Remember, no brewing will actually happen there. So the beer will be trucked in daily. Parking will be available in front of all the homes in the neighborhood.

How lovely.

It makes you wonder if the town officials have the slightest concern for the taxpaying residents of Town Neck.

Maureen Bowe

Dillingham Avenue


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