Young people are told every four years that “this is the most important election of our lifetime.” While it is seemingly a cliché statement, today’s youth understand it is more true now than ever before.

Young people understand that the future of our planet, health, and economy are on the line right now. We know the importance of the decisions made by those in power because while older generations may have been able to enjoy a politics-free childhood, millennials and Generation Z have grown up in a world where politicians want to control our bodies, ability to receive a higher education, who we can love, and so much more.

Unfortunately, young people cannot determine the results of this election themselves. As a result, we need our parents, grandparents, neighbors, and community members to think of us this election. We need everyone to vote on the side of the youth and we need everyone to vote on the side of progress this election.

For state representative, this means supporting Jim Dever, the union-backed man who will bring his experience as a former school committee member to the State House to fight for our schools. As a father of young twins, he knows we need significant efforts to curtail climate change. We also need to reelect state Senator Su Moran because she believes in science and is focused on seeing us through this pandemic. As a small-business owner, she knows we need to do more to improve our economy. Additionally, we need to vote for Mark Forest and Sheila Lyons for county commissioner because both of them have extensive experience in government. As decent human beings, they will use common sense to govern, unlike their opponents. And finally, we need to vote yes on Question 2 for ranked-choice voting. As Americans, we need to ensure our democracy represents all of our voices.

Vote for progress this election because we, the youth, depend on it. Our future is in your hands.

Jacob S. Swenson

Greenville Drive


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