Runners from near and far gathered around the Henry T. Wing School in Sandwich for a Thanksgiving Day fun run/walk before gorging themselves with a turkey feast with all the trimmings.

Though a chilly rain fell down on the course on November 28, it didn’t stop about 1300 registered participants that wanted to start their holiday morning off with a sweat. The rain persisted as runners made their way around Route 130 and into the historic district in town before the weather began to taper off towards the home stretch of the 3.2 mile course.

But with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees at start time, runners appeared more excited to participate than in 2018 when temperatures were down in the single digits. Some runners mixed-and-matched shorts with winter hats and gloves and thermal layers, while some other festive runners dressed as turkeys for the occasion.

Peter Gilmore was the top overall finisher in the race. Melissa Henry was the first woman to place, taking 10th overall. Tim McClure, Andrew Holmes, Ryan Gattoni and Kyle Sevits rounded out the top five of the race. Chris Langlais finished sixth overall. Max Sullivan, a stand-out on the Blue Knights’ cross-country team, placed seventh. Jack Gamble and Will Thomas finished eighth and ninth, respectively, before Henry became the 10th person to cross the finish line.

The funds raised for the Bourne and Sandwich food pantries will not be finalized until all the bills associated with the event are paid. The final amount will be announced later in December when they present the checks to the respective pantries.

With the emphasis on the term “fun run,” there was no official timer for the event and serious runners were urged to time themselves. Below is a list of the top 100 finishers from this year’s Sandwich Thanksgiving 5K race.

1. Peter Gilmore**

2. Tim McClure

3. Andrew Holmes

4. Ryan Gattoni

5. Kyle Sevits

6. Chris Langlais

7. Max Sullivan

8. Jack Gamble

9. Will Thomas

10. Melissa Henry**

11. Liam Flynn

12. Jeff LaPlante

13. Casey Connor

14. Shaun Flynn

15. Jonathan Stutzman

16. Ben Diefendorf

17. George Lynch

18. Elizabeth Wegman

19. Brian Stanton

20. James Silverman

21. Mike Res

22. Ted Edwards

23. Eric Eldredge

24. Bryan Chambers

25. Will Delman

26. Brian Hallas

27. Jack Shea

28. Sam Delman

29. Becca Norton

30. Steven Walsh

31. Michael Kornek

32. Jack LaPlante

33. Alex Greenwood

34. Emily Travers

35. Tom Dyer

36. Izzy Dahlke

37. Chris Mavricos

38. Sean Maher

39. Harry Glover

40. Jacob Silva

41. Andrew Bannon

42. Ben Weet

43. Will Flanagan

44. Matt Goward

45. Drew Blomberg

46. Will Clifford

47. Spinner Craugh

48. Asher Graff

49. Riley Sorenson

50. Jessica Bates

51. Patrick Richards

52. Dan Donovan

53. Brian Young

54. Eric Nelson

55. Adam Hogue

56. Colin Hatton

57. Evan Howes

58. Vincent Chiusano

59. Mike Diefendorf

60. Zaren Graff

61. Luke Fater

62. John Lavalle

63. Michael Chimento

64. Liam Rypka

65. Abby Flanagan

66. Robert Maxim

67. Gabe Fater

68. Matt Norton

69. Anna Goodwin

70. Molly Silvestri

71. Emma Eastman

72. Tim Brown

73. Luke Steele

74. Alex Ghirardini

75. Wayne Adams

76. Charlie Moss

77. Kyle Roy

78. Matthew Chimento

79. Nate Hajian

80. Sean McQueen

81. Sam Whittle

82. Robert Davison

83. Paul Gannet

84. Paul Marvucic

85. Jen Steele

86. Shawn Keene

87. Dan Emerson

88. Chris Graff

89. Ray Stanton

90. David Stanton

91. Daniel Klein

92. Ryan Glover

93. Paula Monte

94. Harry Delman

95. Josh Delman

96. Alyssa Chase

97. Jarrod Bannon

98. Gabriel White

99. Yusef Negash

100. Ernie Economides

** denotes first-place finisher for each gender

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