Thank you for contacting the Enterprise! You have something you want our readers to know. Great. We print many community announcements for free. However, we do not guarantee placement in the paper, as this depends on space and editorial discretion. If you have a message you need our readers to see, please contact our ad department: advertising@capenews.net.

Send press releases to our copy editing department at newsroom@capenews.net. You may cc’ the relevant editor, but please do NOT send press releases in separate emails to multiple addresses within the company.

Do’s & Don’t’s 

  • Stick to the facts: who, what, when, where, and—if appropriate—why.

  • Omit qualitative language such as “wonderful,” “important” and “fascinating.”

  • We print blocks of plain text, so write in full sentences with no additional formatting.

  • No bulleted lists or subheadings.

  • No CAPS, italics, bold or underline.

  • No posters, QR codes or PDFs.

  • The shorter the press release is, the greater its likelihood of being printed.

  • Avoid long, stilted quotes that were obviously written and not spoken.

  • As with letters, we do not print press releases whose main purpose is to thank someone.

A Few Words On Images

Accompanying images may be submitted as high-resolution jpeg files. We love photos of people doing things. So, if a fundraiser was a success, send us an action shot of the event. You must send a “who, what, when, where” caption, with all people in the foreground identified by name. 

Alternatively, you may also send an image with a substantial caption in lieu of a press release. Select an image that is eye-catching. For example, if students went on a field trip to the wastewater treatment facility, send a close-up shot of two students inspecting the water sampling equipment, rather than a posed shot of all the students with the building in the background. Think like a photojournalist. Posed shots are boring. Get us close to the action.