The Bourne High School Class of 2020 consists of 124 students. In alphabetical order, they are:

Maheen Ahmed

Patricia Alba Henriquez

Samantha Allen

Brianna Amaral

Iqra Amin

Jake Anderson

Branden Anderson

Quentin Andrade

Andrew Ariagno

Jessica Ashe

Jared Baptist

Steven Barmashi

Richard Bass

Briahna Becker

Karsten Becker

Kieran Berestecky

Alyssa Bevans

Michael Bonito

Madeline Burg

Nicholas Card

Celia Caron

Megan Catton

Madison Cazeault

James Clyburn

Mya Cohen

Ethan Cryan

Alexandra Cunningham

Christopher Darcy

Deirdre Dayton

Makayla Diaz

Logan Dodson

Brooke Doonan

Camden Dunbury

Alexander Dunn

Armond Eldredge

Lily Anne Evans

Kaya Fernandes

Princess Forskin

Rachel Freedman

Alyssa Freeman

Alyssa French

Kyle Furtado

Michelle Gallerani

Mario Gambini

George Gerecke

Jared Gerecke

Joshua Gonzalez

Morgan Goodwin

Lexis Grandel

Caleb Griffin

Garrett Hall

Gwendolyn Hallam

Caitlin Harper

Logan Hawkes

Erin Hennessey

Alicia Hernandez

Emily Hooper

Morgan Hopwood

Kaya Horton

Cassandra Houlihan

Haseeb Javid

Virginia Johnston

Kelsie Jones

Kayla Kangas

Tyler LaCasse

Autumn Lacey

Ava Levis

Marisa Lovering

Molly Madigan

Michael Maloney

Brooke McCallum

Molly McCann

Taylor McCarthy

Ella McDonnell

Kyle McGuire

Connor McGuire

Tyler McKay

Phoebe Medeiros

Justin Mendoza-McHugh

Hannah Moreno

Joseph Morisset

Ava Morse

Thomas Moses

Madelyn Muttart

Zoe Nicholson

David Nitschke

Sohrob Nyman

Camron O'Connell

Caitlin O'Connor

Jerome Packard

Annabelle Pereira

Avery Perkins

Trang Phan

Emily Pike

Trevor Pine

Kylie Power

Samantha Rathbun

Ethan Ream

Erin Reilly

Kaleb Riggle

Olivia Robinson

Mariah Roderiques

Jaslynn Rodrigues

Logan Rodrigues

Analise Rogers

Foster Rubinstein

Kourtney Sassone

Kamron Sassone

Mary Schmitt

Jaimon Scott

Alexis Smith

Ethan Smith

Gavin Smith

Theresa Snyder

Amoretta Souza

Anthony Springer

Sophie Stowe

Brendan Sullivan

Kerstin Surrette

Patrick Sweeney

Morgan Wenzel

Delanie White

Emily Wing

Adam Zajko

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